Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A well-spent $8..

So for spring break, I shot an awesome wedding with Kate Noelle and Jack Ratana in Costa Mesa, and on one of our many days off, we took a little trip to Laguna Beach. Katie, of course, is making fun of all the tourists that play volleyball like goobers and get swept away by the freezing cold Pacific waves. I laughed along with her, wishing and pretending that I was a Cali habitant. Then, I proceeded to get in the frigid water. :) ..loved it. So here are a series of four photos describing my "tourist" moment:

This is me (wearing my American Eagle Menswear $8 sunglasses which I love[d]):

This is me, after I realized the wave behind me was a lot bigger than I had realized (notice, I'm clenching my beloved shades):
This is me making the quickest decision of my life: $8 sunglasses or $12 bathing suit bottoms:
This is me after I made the decision to come out of the ocean completely clothed (I lost $8):

Worth it... but now I can't laugh at tourists. I am officially a TX citizen, with no intelligence when it comes to Laguna waves. The Ennnnnd.

Anyone wanna buy me new sunglasses? ;)


Kate Noelle said...

Bahahahaha! That was a GOOD day at the beach...minus you losing your sunglasses! Next'll rock the waves with your bottoms and your glasses :) Love ya!

katieface said...

great story...but i must say that i might have saved the sunglasses...great pictures too!