Monday, April 6, 2009

Daniel + Heather

Rewind to Cali.. I had the amazing opportunity to shoot with my precious YWAM roommate, Katie. After MUCH flight-finding and bargain-browsing, we finally found "the one".. the flight that would reunite us again. It had been almost a year, and we couldn't handle the separation any longer, so I flew out to California.
Katie was no longer Katie. She was known as Kate Noelle. If only our cameras had the same home, we would be Kate & Elizabeth Photography.. it has a nice, elegant, ring to it, huh? Maybe someday. We had SO much fun.. Laguna Beach, Pelican Hill, Disneyland.. and most importantly- business: Daniel and Heather's wedding day. We also had help from photography genius, Jack Ratana and our "backup man", Chris Kernutt. Here's a slideshow of some of my shots from the wedding: (song by MercyMe- You Reign.. P.S. sorry it's small. i dunno how to make it bigger..)

Daniel and Heather were awesome to work with..two neverending firecrackers that couldn't stop laughing or dancing. It was wildly contageous, so much so, Katie and I danced down the dancefloor in the spotlight to Heavey D & The Boyz - "Now that we found love", from Hitch. I wish we had pictures of it, but we were dancing with our cameras in our hands and around our necks. :)



you rock hard Betsy! great job on the pics girlfriend.

Kasey Lynn Photography said...

Love it!

Kate Noelle said...


Jordan Carr said...

wow. absolutely amazing.