Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dustin..& the Plague

This night was a total adventure! Dustin is SUCH a gentleman. You can tell he's the type to always be cautious and considerate of someone else. At one location, we were shooting and all of the sudden, a SWARM.. no... PLAGUE of gnats came directly at us. I have never experienced anything like it. It was like THIS, but times 4389753405. I tried not to open my mouth as I swatted at the invasive creatures, but managed to mumble, "Should we run?" Dustin miraculously heard me and said, "uhh- YES!" So we began sprinting back to my car parked a while away, when I haulted, remembering I left my jacket. "I left my jacket". Without question, Dustin (SuperDustin) said (in heroic voice, of course, with his hands on his hips.. [get the picture]), "I'll go get your jacket!!" He rannnnnnnnnn, rescued my jacket, and rannnn back to my car, what we thought was a safe haven until we shook out our clothes and the whole car was filled with gnats. As we started driving, I felt I had something in my mouth, and in fact, it was a gnat. Ew. All this to say, I had a BLAST on this shoot. hahah- Here are a few:


Kasey Lynn Photography said...

Love them!

Kelsey Schneider said...

me too - pics are awesome and the story is great too!