Friday, June 5, 2009

The Maineses (surprisingly gramatically correct)

This family CRACKED me up. At the beginning of the shoot, I asked them to put their arms around each other, and they literally looked at each other with snarls and Carlie said under her breath, "We usually don't touch.." hahha- I loved it! They laughed at the idea, but as the shoot went on, I think they got used to and almost enjoyed hangin' on each other and even picking Carlie up. Later, we met to take pictures with their horses and Casey's wife, but one horse was a little irritated at the fact and actually kicked and BIT Casey. :O Craziest thing I've ever seen! Here are a few pictures (including "the bite"):
"The Bite"... insane, huh?
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Lain Eubank said...

Fun shoot! And that is one INSANE horse bit.

Kate Noelle said...