Monday, May 23, 2011

Krue | A New Life

The last time I photographed a birth was October. The experience was new, overwhelming, and humbling. I still can't believe I witnessed a human's first breath. Despite my nerves and queasiness, which you can read about HERE, I survived it, and it was hands down, my favorite thing to photograph... to this day. I'm so glad I jumped (or hesitantly stepped) at the opportunity. Five months went by, and I received a call from a past client and friend to photograph her c-section. Okay.. this was a whole different ballgame, but considering the rewarding emotions after the last birth I photographed, there was no question. I had to. I wanted to.

Crista was ALL smiles: calm and ready. Trever was quiet, but showed his eagerness and excitement by checking his watch and fiddling with his hands. Sister Addisyn waited patiently with her grandparents sporting her "Best Sister Ever" shirt.

I threw my scrubs and hairnet on quickly, and before I knew it, I was in the c-section room photographing Krue Ryker Gray, a new baby boy. :) When Dad rolled Krue down the hallway in his bed, I knew we were heading toward Addie. I couldn't wait for her reaction, and she couldn't wait to see her new little brother. Her precious, soft reaction was perfect. When she would hold him, she would look at his little fingers and study his little face. She stroked his baby cheek and occasionally whispered to him. AHHH!! So sweet! Watch and praise Him for this 8.85lb miracle:

Song: Sticks & Stone by Jonsi

Me in my get-up (for laughs):


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Carrie Ahrens said...

Awwwww Bets!! I'm so proud! You did an awesome job, what a joyful family too!